5 Tips To Keep Your Underwear Looking Like New!

5 Tips To Keep Your Underwear Looking Like New!

How do you wash your underwear?  Seems straight-forward enough, doesn’t it? Truth is, you probably haven’t put a whole lot of thought or importance into this, and that is completely understandable.  Today’s hectic on-the-go lifestyle leaves little time to pay attention to details - much less decipher ancient laundry hieroglyphics on a barely-there (or most likely torn off) tag. 


Most of us don’t think twice when doing the laundry.  Everything goes into the same load at whatever the default settings are set on.  What is wrong with that, you ask?  Simply, put washing your underwear with the rest of the load will eventually make them fall apart faster, tear, fade and stretch out.

Torn Ripped Underwear butt

Don’t worry.   We have put together a simple and easy guide on what you should do to maximize the longevity of your underwear.

1. Wash with care in cold water

Hand wash in cold water, as hot water wears out the fabric and elasticity, *especially* in the waistband.

2. Use gentle cycle

We get it; we don’t all have the time to hand wash each piece. So if you’re going to use the machine, wash it on the most delicate cycle; for even further protection, use a wash bag.

3. Use color safe detergent

Use a color safe detergent and do not bleach; unless you like that washed-out, “I’ve had my underwear for 25 years" look.

4. Turn undies inside out when washing

After all, it's most likely the *inside* that will need the most attention, right? This will keep your undies looking fresh and new, inside and out.

5. Hang dry in the shade

Air-drying your underwear in the shade will greatly increase the longevity of your underwear. Just like the hot water, high temperatures from the dryer or iron or even the sun will wear out the fabric and elasticity much faster. If you can't get around using a dryer (here comes that silly time-construct again), use the lowest setting, and air-dry the last 15 minutes or so.

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